Explore the streets and landmarks of Buenos Aires in a healthy and eco-friendly manner with our Buenos Aires bike tours, accompanied by an expert local guide.

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Experience the unique rhythm of Buenos Aires with our expertly crafted bike tours, designed by passionate locals with over a decade’s expertise. Traverse through the historic charm of San Telmo, the colorful streets of La Boca, the iconic wonders of Recoleta, and the modern vibes of Puerto Madero.

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We’ve got you covered with our flexible rent a bike in Buenos Aires options. Discover Buenos Aires authentically, uncovering its secrets pedal by pedal with Ba Bikes.

Where to drop off a bike in Buenos Aires?

At Buenos Aires Bike Tours, we prioritize convenience for our biking enthusiasts. If you’re wondering where to drop off a bike in Buenos Aires after an exhilarating tour or a day of self-guided exploration, you’re in luck. We proudly offer two strategically located drop-off points in the city, ensuring you have flexibility and ease when concluding your ride. Simply choose the location most convenient for you, and our team will be there to assist. Ride, explore, and return with unparalleled ease – that’s our promise to you.

Buenos Aires bike tours

Daily Buenos Aires

bike tours

Hit BA’s most exciting attractions on a leisurely stroll through quaint neighborhoods and hidden alleyways. Our fun and experienced guides will show you the way and help you uncover the city’s best kept secrets.

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Rent your bike, we will help you plan your itinerary. Our price includes helmet, locks and maps. 
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BA Bikes its not just a bike tour company, we are an authorized Travel Agency and our team of experts can help you plan your stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Southamerica.
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Evan W
Evan W
Good Experience César showed us around as part of the university, he did really well-answering questions and brought us to some really cool places. I would have loved having a chance to explore the markets while we were there though! Just have to go back myself, and happy I found out about it from the tour 😀
David A
David A
Amazing trip This tour was literally al you needed to find out al about buenos aires , Cesar was a great tour guide he knows all about the area and history plus politics, hes really freindly also funny and he made this trip worthwhile, would defo recommend , 5 star experience
Absolutely worth your time BA Bike tour was INCREDIBLE. I went on a city tour with Cesar and he did a fantastic job. He was very engaging, knowledgeable, and connected well with members of the group. The tour featured great neighborhoods like San Telmo and Boca, while also going off the tourist track to get a more in-depth view of the city. Was one of the best tours I've been on without a doubt. Might even book a second!
North and south route I did the south bike loop and a week later did the north route. Saulo was my guide both times and he was great! He had a lot of good information about Argentina and told stories in an entertaining way. I felt like I got a great overview of the city, and both routes were nice to see. The company is run well and is organized. I recommend going on a tour.
A mobile museum Simply fantastic. Our guide was really knowledgeable and took us to places tour buses can't go. The pace of the Tour was leisurely, it was fun and informative. As a native English speaker our guides grasp of the English language was superb. I couldn't recommend it enough.
Great tour with a great guide Cesar Did the BA bikes tour (south side) and it was the perfect way to explore the city, seeing iconic squares, barrios and buildings and getting to know more about the history of the city. Special thanks to Cesar, super knowledgeable and friendly!
Noa St.James
Noa St.James
Knowledgeable, in depth, and a local perspective. Ceasar best tour guide all time. Knowledgeable, in depth, and a local perspective. If you have a short time in Buenos Ares, or just want to get a good grasp of the city, Ceasars your man. Wonderful way to see the city.
Wenn du einen schönen Überblick über diese grandiose Stadt in einem halben Tag wünschst, dann ist die Fahrradtour perfek Tolle Führungen mit Sachen die man definitiv nicht in Reiseführern findet. So hat er uns zum Beispiel zu einem empanadas Straßenverkauf geführt der nur einheimischen bekannt ist. Aber auch sonst waren die Route sowie die Pausen und Erklärungen richtig angemessen und haben sehr viel Spaß gemacht!
Jonas A
Jonas A
Great afternoon in BA Very exciting tour with the guide Chris. Pleasant route to great sights. 3-4h We got a lot of interesting information about life and history. We are very satisfied and recommended this tour. Tanks a lot!
Esteban P
Esteban P
Best bike tour in BA The guides Cesar and cristian, the did the experience amazingly great! If you are looking for the best bike tours in Argentina, BA BIKES is your option.

Choosing the Right Bike Size for Your Buenos Aires Bike Tour Experience?

Choosing the right bike size is essential for a seamless Buenos Aires bike tour experience. At Ba Bikes, we cater to riders of all ages and heights, ensuring everyone can enjoy the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires comfortably. Here’s our guide to selecting the ideal bike size for your ride:

16-inch Bikes

Perfect for Kids

Our 16-inch bikes are specially crafted for our youngest riders. Suited for children aged 4 to 6 or those between 3’7″ to 4’0″ in height, these bikes promise a stable and safe riding experience in Buenos Aires.

20-inch Bikes

Ideal for Growing Explorers

Transitioning from the kiddie bikes? Our 20-inch bikes cater to children aged 6 to 9 or those between 4’0″ and 4’5″. Experience Buenos Aires’s alleys and avenues with a size that ensures safety and adventure.

26-inch Bikes

For the Adventurous Teen and Adult

Suited for heights ranging from 5’0″ to 5’5″, our 26-inch bikes offer the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency. Ideal for those looking to delve deeper into the Buenos Aires bike tour experience.

28-inch Bikes

The Adult's Choice for Extended Rides

For adults standing 5’6″ and taller, our 28-inch bikes provide an unparalleled riding experience. Glide through Buenos Aires’s iconic landmarks with ease and style.

Exploring Buenos Aires: Select Your Ideal Bike Type with Ba Bikes.

Whether you’re longing for an exhilarating ride through the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires or a leisurely cycle around its iconic landmarks, Ba Bikes has an extensive range of bikes to meet your needs. Discover our diverse collection and find the one that suits your touring or rental preferences best!

Electric Bike Buenos Aires bikes tours

Electric Bike

Navigate with Ease

Our Electric Bikes offer a smooth and effortless ride, allowing you to explore more of Buenos Aires without breaking a sweat! With between 5 and 6 hours of battery life, you can cover more ground swiftly and comfortably. Ideal for those looking to experience the ease of electric biking on their Buenos Aires adventure!

Mountain Bike Buenos Aires Bike Tours

Mountain Bike

Unleash the Adventurer

Tackle Buenos Aires’s varied terrains with our robust Mountain Bikes! These bikes are designed for those seeking thrill and excitement, ensuring a secure and dynamic riding experience through the city’s diverse landscapes.
Kids' Bike Buenos Aires Bikes Tours

Kids' Bike

Fun for the Little Ones

Our Kids’ Bikes are perfect for young riders eager to explore! Crafted to ensure safety and enjoyment, these bikes allow children to discover the wonders of Buenos Aires at their own pace, creating lasting memories.
City Bike Buenos Aires Bikes Tours

City Bike

Cruise in Style

Experience Buenos Aires’s urban charm on our elegant City Bikes! Ideal for leisurely rides around the city, these bikes offer a comfortable and stylish way to discover Buenos Aires’s enchanting neighborhoods and landmarks.
Modern City Bike Buenos Aires Bikes Tours

Modern City Bike

Ride with Flair

Traverse Buenos Aires on our sleek Modern City Bikes! Combining contemporary design with traditional functionality, these bikes are perfect for those looking to explore the city with a touch of modernity.
Folding Bike Buenos AIres bikes Tours

Folding Bike

Compact and Convenient

Our Folding Bikes provide the ultimate in convenience! Explore Buenos Aires and easily fold your bike for transit or storage. Perfect for those with a versatile itinerary looking to experience the best of Buenos Aires flexibly.
City Bike Buenos Aires Bikes Tours

Bike with Child Seat

Family-Friendly Exploration

Discover Buenos Aires together with our bikes equipped with child seats! Safe and convenient, these bikes are perfect for families looking to share the joys of exploring Buenos Aires with the youngest members.

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Discover Buenos Aires: Iconic Sights on Two Wheels with Our Exclusive Bike Circuits

Our bike rental agency invites you to explore the iconic sights of Buenos Aires through our meticulously curated South Circuit and North Circuit tours. Whether you’re cruising along the vibrant streets of the South Circuit, uncovering the city’s historic soul, or gliding through the lush landscapes of the North Circuit, experiencing Buenos Aires’ green havens, we provide the perfect way to connect with the city’s most iconic landmarks. Embark on a two-wheeled adventure with us and discover the heart of Buenos Aires like never before
Rent a bike puerto madero

Puerto Madero

Embark on a modern adventure through Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires’ transformed waterfront district, with our premium bike rentals. Glide along the docks, admire the contemporary architecture, and explore serene parks on two wheels. Ideal for those seeking a stylish ride in an upscale setting. Find your perfect ride and rent a bike in Puerto Madero today.
la boca guide buenos iares bike tour

La Boca

Dive into the heart of Argentine culture with a bicycle tour of La Boca. From the iconic Caminito street to the historic Bombonera Stadium, our bike rentals offer the best way to experience this vibrant neighborhood’s colors and flavors. Capture the essence of Buenos Aires’ tango spirit on a comfortable, quality bike. Start your journey with La Boca bike rentals.
San telmo Lanes Buenos Aires bike tours

San Telmo

Uncover the historical layers of Buenos Aires by renting a bike and exploring San Telmo. Our bikes will lead you through ancient streets, past colonial buildings, and into bustling markets. It’s an authentic way to connect with the city’s past and present, all at your own pace. Experience the charm of San Telmo on two wheels and book your bike rental now.
Bosques de Palermo bike tour


Palermo awaits with its endless green spaces, trendy cafes, and artistic corners, perfect for exploration by bike. Whether you’re looking to leisurely pedal through Palermo Soho or take on the bustling streets of Palermo Hollywood, our bike rentals cater to all adventurers. Discover Palermo’s diverse attractions and rent your bike for a memorable Buenos Aires experience.